Alumni Spotlight – Miss Molly

Miss Molly is a favorite at EHDR and today just happens to be her birthday, so I thought I would recall the story of Miss Molly.

In February of 2014, we got an email from a vet in Louisa, VA. They said that Molly’s owner had died unexpectedly from cancer and that her family was paying to keep her at the vet until they could find a spot for her to go. She was a senior dog (9 years old) and a little overweight. They told us she was sweet, calm and even knew a few tricks. We knew she couldn’t end up at a shelter, so we moved her to Richmond into her foster home.

We wanted to make sure she was healthy so we took her to the vet. Her coat needed a little TLC and she weighed in at over 60 pounds – about 15 over her ideal weight.


So we gave her a nice grooming and put her on a diet and exercise regimen:






We created our own “Biggest Loser: Border Collie edition” to monitor her weight loss:

molly5 molly7








Not long after, Molly was losing weight and looking great 🙂 When it was time to post her online, we were worried that this senior gal would be overlooked and wouldn’t get the attention she deserved! We were (pleasantly) surprised at how many people emailed to inquire about her! I guess they could see what we did in her picture!


We weeded through the applications and proceeded with one that seemed to be a great fit. We met up at a park and it was love at first sight. After the home visit checked out – everything was good to go. We handed her over to her forever home and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye around. Molly was a great dog and deserved a great home.

We get updates all the time from them. She looks amazing, is in great shape and we couldn’t be happier for them.

molly3 molly4 molly15

Happy Birthday Miss Molly! We wish you all the best!

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