Psyched! Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better!

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That was Psych.  He wanted to write something too.

Psych Computer 2

That’s one thing you can count on a herding dog to want.   No, not writing.  But they do want to be involved in everything!  They want to see what you’re doing, who you’re doing it with, learn what how to do it, and then do it themselves.  Sometimes better than you!  (Obviously we’re not talking about typing, here.)

If you think children learn fast, get a herding dog.

Herders often learn by watching you or others.

For example: the reason Psych has now decided to try the laptop is because he watched my 15 lbs. black and white cat Horatio do the same thing to get my attention.  In the mornings, while I’m at my laptop with a cup of coffee, Horatio comes around and proceeds to sit on the keyboard so I can’t do anything.  He’s an attention hound…um…cat.

Psych has been watching him for the last week and the other day he finally figured it out.  The way to get my attention is to sit on my laptop.

As you can imagine, this can be problematic.

The amount of space from computer to cat to me is very limited.

The amount of space from computer to Psych to me is nonexistent!

Psych Computer 1

But it’s part of that herding dog mentality.

Psych learned early on that if he wants Percy’s chew toys, he just walks over and takes them from them and stashes them.  I usually feel bad for Percy, who just stares at the empty space that’s left, and I give him another of whatever was taken.  Percy has finally learned how to get his revenge.  Every time Psych leaves his hoard to take something, Percy goes to the hoard and takes a piece.  It’s not exactly a secret stash.  It’s usually on the couch or in the dirty laundry basket by the washer.  The funny thing is that both dogs will spend 15 minutes rotating chew toys. Psych taking Percy’s, then going around the back hall to stash it while Percy goes in from the front and takes one from the stash.  Survival of the smartest!

You even have to be careful about what you think is “cute” or “funny”.  If they learn it, it will backfire on you.

I thought it was cute when Percy was a puppy to have him lick my cheek to wake me up in the morning.  Problem was, I didn’t think about that tongue getting a whole lot bigger later on.  Now he still licks me in the face to wake me up . . . right across the lips. . .

Not exactly Prince Charming.

But it’s my own fault for teaching it to him when he was little.

Of course, that’s why I love them so much.  Their super smart brains that work over time to learn new things, also know when you’re having a crappy day.  They know and can tell if you need cheering up or if you just need a giant ball of fluff to curl up beside you.

Because that’s just how awesome they are!

And I’m Psyched!

Snow Psych

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