Psyched! Sergeant Psych’s Lonely Hearts Club

There are days when I have to work a lot during the week and/or weekends.  No complaints.  I love my job and enjoy working with youth.  I’m very blessed to have a job.  That being said, on those 60-70 hour work weeks, it doesn’t leave much time for my two goofs.

Got a herding dog? They will make you make time for them.


Crawling into bed one night after getting home sometime after 10:15 PM for the third night in a row, I had gone through the routine of letting the dogs in, giving everyone dinner, and then prepared to completely zonk out.

Yeah . . .

Like that was going to happen.

Squeak! . . .  Squeak!Squeak! . . . Squeak!Squeak!Squeak! Squeak!!!!

Ugh.  Percy had a squeaky toy.  Waaayyyy too late to start that.  Without bothering to turn on the lights, I took the toy away and replaced it with another toy (no squeaker in this one) and a bone.  Silence . . . much better.

Jumping back into bed and pulling up the covers, I rolled over.

AMBUSH!!!!  There was nothing I could do!  I was licked straight across from chin to forehead and then found myself staring into a pair of copper-gold eyes framed by fluffy ears.  Psych’s nub of a tail wagged so hard his whole backside shook.

“Psych!” I groaned. He couldn’t get close enough and begged to have his belly rub and his ears scratched.

THWAP!!! Percy hit me in the head with the toy I had given him to replace the squeaky one.  Ugh.  Guess a squeaker isn’t the only thing that gets someone’s attention.  If you hit them in the head with it, that works too.

“I get it, I get it,” I said as I grabbed the toy with one hand and threw it for Percy and rubbed Psych’s belly with the other.

While it’s true that all animals need attention and care.  Some of them demand it of you.  Herders are just that.  Not paying enough attention to them?  They can change that.  And again, not all herders are the same.  Psych wanted a belly rub.  He didn’t care about the toys or the bone.  Percy just wanted quality play time with me.  If I’d tried to scratch him behind the ears or pet him, he’d have pulled away and pulled out another toy.  Sound familiar?  I hope it does.  Not all animals (or humans either) show affection in the same way.  They don’t all want it in the same way.  You may have thought that you spent time with them in the way you wanted to, but read your dog.  If he’s still begging you to play with him on a tug rope after a 15 minute belly-rub, then maybe you should play tug of war for 15 minutes as well!  This is nothing new (I hope) for humans.  But think about it for your pets too!

I was fortunate that my two resorted to positive things.  Often herders will get your attention by whining or chewing on forbidden items, or tearing up the garbage.  They really need room to run and lots of attention – whether it’s playing or scratching behind the ears.

I knew that if I didn’t take the time to pet and play, that they could have worse behavior or stop listening to me – never mind the fact that they get lonely for their pack leader too.

When I woke up that morning, Psych was beside me, Percy was at the foot of the bed, my cat Horatio was on my pillow over top of my head, and other cat, Sorelli, was on the other side of me.  I was scrunched somewhere in, around, and between.

Did I mention it’s double bed?

It’s a good feeling to wake up like that.  A very good feeling.  Psych and Percy seemed in better spirits that morning too.  After all, we all need quality time with those we care about.  Even if you don’t feel like it, after a long hard day, spend some time with your own goof.  I bet it makes you feel better yourself.


(Tell me you can say “no” to that face!)

After all, it’s good to be Psyched for Life!

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